Ethical block management: our promise to you

It’s important to us to act as a decent and ethical block management agency, as well as a socially responsible business. We recognise the active role we can play in helping to build a happier and healthier workplace, business and community. Read on for the promise we make to our Clients.

Our promise to you:



  1. Fair and transparent fees and accounting.
    We publish all of our fees, so you won’t have any nasty surprises (see fees). We also operate a fair fees policy. This means our fees are aligned with current expectations, market conditions and demand. Moreover, we have complete transparency with our accounting and client reports. So you’ll know exactly how your money is being spent.
  2. Donate 2% of our profits to charity.
    We split 2% of our yearly profits equally between two charities. A disability charity and a mental health charity. Both are causes that are close to our hearts. We also regularly give additional donations, in-kind support and assistance to other charities and initiatives.
  3. No unfair or shady practices.
    We have no fixed term contracts, no termination notice periods and no cancellation fees. We also firmly believe in best practice and being decent. Furthermore, we’re accredited through Propertymark and all (except for our trainee staff) are fully qualified. That means no dodgy dealings, no overinflated quotes and no hidden commissions. No unreasonable mark-ups just for sending a letter and no charging you for work. The cheek of it!
  4. Contractor ethics & standards.
    We insist that all of the contractors we work with sign an Ethics & Good Standards Charter and Agreement. We also monitor the standard of their work. Where possible we do spot checks. Furthermore, we liaise with our Clients and their tenants for feedback on the quality of their work and service. Additionally, we always secure multiple quotes from different contractors for all mid to major sized works.
  5. Going green.
    We’re committed to continuous improvement in ensuring our company is as environmentally friendly as possible. From reducing our waste and banning company cars, to recycling and upcycling initiatives.
  6. Happy team, happy business.
    Our most important resource. It makes sense that if our team enjoys their work and are motivated to do a brilliant job. After all, it can only benefit our Clients. So we have an array of team-focused policies and initiatives aimed to support our people. From having published salaries, with equal pay for each grading. All the way through to offering eight fully paid ‘Health & Wellness Days’ per year for each of our team.

Our promise to our Clients is our framework for delivering an ethical block management service. If you’d like to make any suggestions on how we can improve our service please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!