Meet Brompton, your Block Management Saviour.


Finding a decent block manager is, quite frankly, a pain in the bum. We’re here to change that. Meet Brompton, a block management agency that gives a damn.

We knew we could do better. So we did.

Brompton Block Management was born out of sheer frustration. Having spent endless hours and an eye watering amount of cash dealing with incompetent block managers for our Client’s properties, we finally had enough.

The Brompton team already run an award-winning estate agency and property management company called Davies & Davies Estate Agents based in Finsbury Park, North London. In fact, we’ve been running it since 1927. Not the same people mind, this isn’t The Portrait of Dorian Gray. So it made sense that we would launch a block management company too! Furthermore, we’ve based Brompton upon the same principles of decency, quality and trustworthiness that have made our estate agency so successful.

What we do

We’re the antidote to terrible block management.

No more feeling fed-up, ignored and swindled out of your hard earned cash.

We handle everything from building maintenance to debt collection, so you don’t have to. Even better, we do it swiftly, reliably and ethically too. “Ah”, you might be thinking, “I bet you’re all hot air!” Scroll down to find out why we’re actually very different to bog standard block management agencies. Alternatively, click on the link below to go straight to our services and fees.

See our services

Why we’re different:

  • No minimum term contracts
  • Zero cancellation fees
  • Absolutely no cancellation notice periods
  • Transparent and fair fee structure
  • An ethically run business
  • 24 hour, 365 day emergency maintenance service
  • Good Ethics and Standards Charter for contractors
  • 2% of our profits donated to charity

Ready to help you out of property hell and into block management nirvana.

We make switching to our services as easy as possible.

In fact, it only takes 3 steps to switch to us! We’ll do most of the heavy work and will happily liaise with your current block management agency on your behalf. You can find out more by clicking the link below.

We also make it really easy to leave us. Not that you’ll want to, mind, but we thought we should let you know. With no minimum term contracts and no cancellation fees, we make our onboarding and disembarking process as painless as possible.

How to switch